Far out or nothing – JEFFSY® is our first trail bike, and it represents our very own definition of trail riding. Just like your best friend JEFFSY inspires you to all new performances: together you climb the highest mountains, discover the most remote locations, and shred the trail on the way back down – JEFFSY and you make an unbeatable team. With gravity DNA, JEFFSY is the most aggressive all-mountain bike on the market, the YT amongst trail bikes, the perfect buddy for all those of you who want to ride a tad faster, more aggressive and more creative than the mainstream. And with its incredible propulsion JEFFSY and you will conquer the steepest climbs. Whatever life throws at you – JEFFSY has your six.

Trails, bike parks or racing – the CAPRA is our jack-of-all-trades, flagship enduro bike. With our award-winning mountain goat, you’ll effortlessly scale any peak without your energy being wasted by the suspension. Once it’s time to go downhill, the CAPRA switches into beast-mode. It gets you out of your comfort zone and has you whoopin’ and hollerin’ even on the roughest terrain. Whether you choose the carbon or aluminum version, the CAPRA has plenty of reserves to let you calmly surf over the nastiest roots and the roughest rock gardens.

The TUES is our tool for the rough stuff, a beast for the gnarliest jumps, made for the most stylish whips and sickest lines. It is our synonym for Good Times, because no matter if you’re steezin’ at the bike park with your buddies or owning a downhill race, the TUES will get that extra bit of speed and style out of you. In 2016, Aaron Gwin rode it straight to the top of the Downhill World Cup and proved once again what absolutely reliable killer of a bike the TUES is, and not just for the crazy steep lines of Utah. This explains why it deservedly won the coveted “Downhill Bike of the Year” award from Dirt Magazine multiple times. It’s simply the truth!

You are into style and really want to hit the jackpot during a cash-for-tricks session? Sounds like you fit right into our dirt segment! We developed the perfect partner-in-crime for you, who definitely won’t let you down when you send it.

YT Wear

Meet your new favorite clothing items. Custom cuts and high quality fabrics you’re going to feel great in. Our designs testify what we stand for, and bring style into parks and trails. A style we want to see in mountain biking and definitely one you can show up to in a pub or a club as well.

We take it a step further with our FUNCTIONAL series which offers street-ready looks and features functional athletic characteristics. 


Bike Outlet

Our outlet shop offers bikes from the previous year as well as current bikes with minor paint damage or minor graphics/decal errors; test bikes with signs of use are also available here. All of our outlet models have been tested by our workshop and are in perfect technical condition. Of course, you still benefit from the full warranty (see terms & conditions) on your outlet bike. Please bear in mind: all images in our outlet shop are for illustrative purposes only, they show a sample bike without any flaws.