Graham Agassiz

Graham Agassiz

„YT has been the dream brand for me to be partnered with, their deep roots and continued support within the Freeride and Fest Sessions culture is what really says it all for me. ”

Graham, who everybody calls Aggy, began racing BMX around his hometown of Kamloops in British Columbia when he was seven years old. Despite being very successful, he swapped the BMX for a mountain bike at the age of 15, and he made it very clear in his first race that he has a mind of his own. Instead of his downhill bike he grabbed the slopestyle rig, even though it lacked the regulatory front brake. Aggy installed a temporary, makeshift brake that didn’t actually work, which the race steward noticed immediately – but he and his colleagues were still unable to stop Aggy from setting off down the course. Today, he is one of the most popular and admired freeriders in the world, but that has not changed his mindset at all. Together with a group of other riders, the multiple Rampage participant has founded the Fest Series, about which he has this to say:

“Fest came about because we wanted to do something different. We just wanted to have the most fun possible.”

In summary, Aggy is actually the perfect mix of Live Uncaged and Good Times, and as such it was perhaps really only a matter of time before he would become part of the YT Family.

YT Family member since:
Home trail:
Wrangler (in The Ranch)
Home base:
I am born and raised and continue to live in Kamloops BC, Canada
Body height:
Some call me “Little Bird” but I ride a size Medium
Favorite beer:
Fat Tug


For me the bike that gets the big dog stuff done is the YT TUES in a size Medium. Equipped with a RockShox Boxxer World Cup up front, and 4 tokens inside for heavy hitting impacts that allows me to hang on with confidence while paired with the Super Delux in the rear. WR1 Union wheels laced with a Maxxis 2.5 Minion DHF in the front and a 2.5 Minion SS in the rear, both with 55psi for high speed fast rolling 45-100ft airs while ripping laps at the Fest Series.